Management& Marketing Consulting

Business & Marketing Plans


Most banks and investors want to see your business plans. J.C. Polanco will personally sit and craft your business and marketing plan proposal tailored to your target audience. Let us provide prospective investors with the ultimate insight into your business and make your dreams a reality.

Public Affairs & Media Relations


How the public and media view, your mission is critical. Working with TPO, we will focus on augmenting your organization's name recognition, goodwill and raise awareness of your hard work. Through carefully developed community events, media placement and an aggressive social media campaign your organization will never be the same again. 

Corporate Communications


Developing your message is essential. The delivery of your message is critical. Let’s focus on effective methods of disseminating the company’s mission to your team and stakeholders. Call us today and let’s develop a modern and cost-effective plan to execute your strategy.

Market Research and Focus Groups

Entrepreneurs waste millions of dollars and hours yearly pushing products and services the market just doesn't want or find useful. Why waste such valuable resources? Call us today for a marketing research plan that will test the market for your product or service. Working with modern methods of data collection including focus groups, TPO will zealously protect your most valuable commodity, your time and effort.

Media Training


Are you ready for prime time? Need assistance in preparing for television, radio and print interviews? TPO has nearly two decades of media training to make you for that important interview. Together will develop key methods to represent your organization effectively.

On Site and Weekend Consultations


Busy during the week? We know you're busy, no worries, our on-site and weekend consultations make it convenient for you to discuss your marketing and management consulting needs with us.